Marketplace Expert: Don’t Throw Away your Frisbees

For nearly 100 years, frisbees – also known as flying discs – have been an ever-present part of childhoods around the world. And their popularity is not limited to children either – there are two sports based on their existence, played to an exceptionally high level.

It should be no surprise then, that there have been thousands of different flying discs manufactured over the years, in a wide variety of styles and flavours. From special edition discs signed by the disc golf world champion to corporate tie-ins in from Coca-Cola, there are unique discs of all shapes and sizes to collect. In fact, some collectors have collections that contain as many as seven thousand flying discs.

Our marketplace expert David Jinks thinks that now is a better time than ever to start selling your frisbees – especially if they’ve been hiding in your loft for a decade or two.

“Thanks to the growing popularity of sports like Disc Golf, flying discs of all shapes and sizes are more valuable than ever. And thanks to the global reach of eBay, it’s easier to sell them than ever too.”

But what does a newly minted flying disc vendor need to know? A little history, some understanding of disc golf and some common sense are all handy, but all you really need is a supply of flying discs and an eBay account.

Is there a market for vintage flying discs?

When you visit a site like eBay, most of the discs you’ll see for sale are vintage – many from the 70’s and 80’s, where the discs are more likely to be in good condition. That’s not to say that older discs aren’t desirable however. Wham-O is one of the earliest names in Frisbee creation – in fact, they trademarked the name. Wham-O Pluto Platters were among the first commercially produced flying discs, so if you have one or two lurking in your basement, it’s time to dig them out.

Other popular vintage discs include commemorative discs with dates emblazoned, or commercial tie in discs, like this Coca-Cola disc – one of the most expensive currently on eBay.

What sort of frisbees are used for Disc Golf?

There are a wide variety of flying discs used for Disc Golf, but they break down into four major categories: distance drivers, control drivers, midrange discs and putters. These come in a variety of plastic types and weights, but there are key indicators of which is which.

If the edge of the disc is particularly sharp and narrow, it is likely that your disc is a driver. The differences between a distance or control driver is relatively small, so it is best to get in contact with an expert who can help you establish the category for sure.

Midrange discs have more rounded edges, and are often slightly weightier than driver discs. These will also be made up of less flimsy plastic, which makes them easier to distinguish from other discs.

Perhaps the most familiar to those of us used to throwing frisbees around, the putter discs look much like a normal flying disc. With totally round edges and made of sturdy plastic, these discs are easily recognisable.

It’s important to know the difference when selling flying discs, as accurate listings lead to the most possible profit. By describing the use for the discs, you can help ensure that interested customers find the flying discs that you have listed.

That’s why you should get to searching through your attic for those old flying discs. They might just make you a bit of extra cash.

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