Green Triumph! Check Out These 5 Creative Uses of Used Packaging

When you send a parcel you would probably hope the receiver will dispose of the packaging in a green manner by using their local recycling facilities. At Fast Lane we are all for looking after our wonderful planet and we hope our customers are just as keen to recycle as we are. There are a few ways to recycle your packaging including re-using it or taking it to your local recycling facilities but in this post we are going to look at the more creative ways to recycle your parcel’s packaging. A typical parcel may consist of cardboard, parcel tape, bubble wrap or polystyrene. We’ve had a look around the web to find some of the most impressive ways parcel packaging have been turned into works of art.

Here’s our top 5:

1. Parcel Tape

This scene from 1953’s Pick Up on South Street looks like it could have been made on a computer. However artist Mark Khaisman has created this stunning picture entirely from parcel tape!

2.  The Styrobot

Professor of digital arts at the University of Oregon Michael Salter has created this incredible 22 ft robot and a small army of mini robots entirely out of polystyrene. The project which apparently took months, toured galleries around the world in 2008. As scary as these Styrobots may look, being made of polystyrene they probably weigh the same as a feather.

3. Halloween Orchestra

This orchestra from hell was created by Dag Weiser in 1983 and displayed as garden decoration for Halloween. All the skeletons and their instruments are made from cardboard.

4. Bubble Wrap Dog

Zile Art made this impressive dalmatian by injecting ink into the bubbles in some bubble wrap. Zine Art also made a bee and an elephant using bubble wrap and ink.

5. Cardboard Motorcycles

These incredible motorcycles made by Chris Gilmour must have taken a very very long time to perfect. Our favourite at Fast Lane is the trike in the bottom right hand corner. Just look at the detail in all the components!


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