Delivering Brazil 2016: A hurdle too far?

Fastlane International, a leading worldwide carrier platform, has released a new report investigating the logistical challenges facing Brazil as the Rio 2016 Olympics approaches. For the games to go smoothly, the Brazilian Government will need to navigate various problems, such as: customs strikes, organised crime, the Zika virus, arcane customs procedures,disappearing shipments and intergovernmental corruption. Read the full executive summary and report below.

    1. Special procedures are in place for Olympic athletes and officials, but these could still be hit hard by an ongoing Customs strike. Such a move would draw attention to the strikers’ cause.
    2. Brazil is the world’s 9th largest e-commerce market. But the rate of growth has outpaced reforms to Brazil’s state post office leading to several month’s delays for e-commerce imports. The Olympics could be a demand too far.
    3. Heightened security for the Olympics is also predicted to delay deliveries
    4. Brazil’s customs procedures are slow and arcane even without the current strike
    5. Too many shipments ‘disappear’.
    6. Brazil is ranked 72 in the Transparency International’s corruption perception index (CPI)
    7. Organised crime is a significant problem in some parts of Brazil
    8. The UK does not currently have a free trade agreement with Brazil.
    9. Imports to Brazil either face a flat tax of 60% and 18% VAT for parcels; or six different taxes on items for resale.
    10. Brazil has a protectionist economy and has one of the highest number of new potentially trade-restrictive measures.

Read the full report below: 

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