How to Escape Excess Baggage Fees when you’re Escaping the Country

¬†Consider sending your baggage through a courier to start saving money before you fly. Summer is nearly upon us and for many people, the low-cost airline ticket has already been bought, accommodation booked and some may already be thinking about which clothes to take. Butterflies may already be in your stomach, and your mind may be drifting away from work and into holiday mode. You may think you’ve got an absolute steal with your flight tickets as there are some fantastic deals for low-priced fares, but if you’re taking anything more than just hand luggage, you may find your cheap plane tickets turn into an expensive nightmare!

How Much Does it Cost to Take your Luggage?

Most airlines will let you take at least 8kg worth of hand luggage with you on the plane but after that, things start to get a little expensive. During high seasons prices can soar to over ¬£70.00 for your first checked bag and can climb even steeper for each bag after that. Some airlines will even charge up to ¬£10.00 per kilo of luggage outside of the allowance! Suddenly your cheap flight doesn’t seem like such a good deal anymore.

Baggage ready to fly

So What Can you Do?

Many people don’t realise that taking your luggage on a plane isn’t the only way of taking it safely overseas. Many of our customers choose to ship their luggage in advance to their hotel using a courier service. It’s incredibly easy as sending a suitcase is just like sending a parcel. All you need to do is weigh and measure your suitcases to get an accurate price using the online quote form. Once booked, print off all the paperwork and securely attach it directly to your suitcases. One of our carriers will collect them from your door and we will deliver them directly to your hotel, meaning you can travel light to the airport, skip checking in your baggage and go straight to your departure gate. Oh, and you’ll save on average 50% on the excess baggage fees charged by the airlines!

Things to Remember

  • Contact your hotel to inform them that you will be sending your luggage via courier
  • Always check collection and transit times to make sure that you book your luggage delivery early enough and allow an extra day in case of heavy traffic.
  • Don’t pack any prohibited items
  • Don’t lock your suitcase with a padlock.


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