Ultimate Money Saving Tips for Sending Parcels

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There are loads of ways to save money when you send parcels, especially if you send them with Fast Lane International. Here’s our guide to making your parcel delivery cheaper:

1. Use a Courier Reseller

When you think of parcel delivery companies, your first thoughts are probably the likes of FedEx, DHL and TNT. But did you know you can get those exact same services for up to 70% less by using a courier reseller like Fast Lane? Courier resellers have huge buying power with parcel delivery companies, and can often offer their services for much cheaper than booking direct.

2. Register

At Fast Lane we want to give you as much data about your history with us as possible so that you can see how much you have saved. We are currently working on better ways to show you this but while you are waiting, why not register with us and enjoy 5% cheaper rates. Just click here to sign up, it only takes a minute.

3. Pack Your Parcels Properly

There are lots of reasons to pack your parcel properly. The obvious one is to protect the contents of your parcel. But one reason many people don’t think about is volumetric weight. The cost of sending a parcel is worked out by whichever is the greatest out of the actual weight and the volumetric weight. International parcels are measured by a laser which will pick up any parcel tape sticking out which may cause a weight discrepancy inducing fees. To avoid this, make sure you use good quality tape and ensure it is properly stuck down.

Packaging Properly

4. Re-use Old Boxes

Paying for shipping is one cost, but you also need to spend money on the packaging. The easiest way to keep costs down for this is to carefully open parcels that you receive and then re-use the packaging to send your out-going parcels. This way you can help to save money and the environment.

5. Be Ready!

When you book a parcel in for collection, make sure you have the parcel ready for when the driver arrives. That means properly packed, addressed and with the proper filled out documents attached. If you do not have the packages ready for when the driver arrives you may be charged an otherwise easily avoidable wasted journey fee.

Saving money on parcel delivery is easy with Fast Lane! Start by clicking the button at the top of this page.

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