How to Ship Your Belongings from Home Abroad

There are many occasions where you may need to ship personal effects from your home to another country, whether it be your luggage to avoid excess baggage fees, or to get your son or daughter’s belongings to them at university when they are studying abroad.

Some airlines charge extremely low fares and make their money by giving a limited baggage allowance and charging extortionate fees to carry anything over this limit. In these cases using a courier can really save you a fortune and all it takes is a little extra preparation.

Likewise, if your son or daughter is studying overseas there will be certain items that they won’t be able to take with them on their chosen method of transport. In this case you may want to send them a parcel containing their most missed or needed belongings that they were unable to take with them when they traveled to their place of study.


Sending belongings to son

If you need to ship personal effects from your home overseas, here are a few things to remember:

Step 1: Always pack your items securely. Your luggage or parcel will be enduring a slightly rougher ride with a courier than it would if you were simply taking it on a plane as it will likely travel in multiple different vehicles and be stacked on top of or under other parcels along the way.

Step 2: You may need to attach documents to your luggage or parcel to get them through customs (you will be able to get these from your courier service provider.) It is imperative that these are securely attached to avoid any delays to the delivery of your personal effects.

Step 3: Make sure the luggage or parcel is labelled as personal effects to avoid paying unnecessary taxes and duties.

Step 4: If you are sending multiple parcels it can be cheaper to consolidate them in to one secure box and send the whole lot as one parcel. Test this by getting a quote for individual boxes and a quote for one large box.

Step 4: If you are sending your luggage to avoid excess baggage fees, remember to send it before your day of travel to ensure it is waiting for you at your hotel when you arrive.

Fast Lane International ships thousands of personal effects every day, including excess baggage, golf clubs, skis and other personal items. If you have any questions about shipping personal effects our expert customer services team are always on hand to offer you advice.




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