Handling the Special Challenges of Shipping Heavy Parcels

Heavy parcel delivery is one of the greatest challenges that any shipping company has to face. But because this kind of parcel delivery presents so many different kinds of logistical problems, to a certain extent heavy parcel delivery functions as a litmus test that can separate the best parcel delivery companies from all of the others. Fast Lane has proven itself to be one of the most reliable shippers of heavy or bulky parcels in the world, and their success in meeting this penultimate shipping challenge is one of the reasons for the company’s tremendous growth in the past decade.

If truth be told, however, heavy parcel delivery is actually a cooperative venture between courier and customer. Fast Lane can provide the machinery for safe loading and unloading of heavy parcels. It can also provide the highly-trained personnel who know how to handle items of various shapes and sizes, and will do their best to make sure each and every parcel the company transports is treated with the utmost care. But a big part of the packing challenge for heavy parcels inevitably falls on the customer, who needs to take certain precautions to ensure that the package they are sending arrives safe and sound at its final destination.


Truck Shipping Heavy Parcels


Of course shipping clients must start with full disclosure, so couriers know exactly what they are handling and if a particular package needs special treatment. For heavy parcels, wooden or heavy cardboard crates would normally be used, and whatever is inside should be strapped down firmly so it cannot slide around. To make a heavy parcel even more secure, internal cushioning in the form of foam or polystyrene should be used to guarantee that any delicate parts will not be damaged during transit.

While it is the courier who is responsible for safe delivery of all parcels for domestic deliveries or worldwide shipping, including heavy ones, it is in the best interests of each customer to work with their shipper to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. As long as this cooperative relationship can be established and maintained, even the heaviest parcel can be delivered in pristine condition to anywhere in the world.


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