Moving Belongings abroad September 11, 2013

How to Ship Your Belongings from Home Abroad

There are many occasions where you may need to ship personal effects from your home to another country, whether it be your luggage to avoid excess baggage fees, or to get your son or daughter’s belongings to them at university ……
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Cheap shipping costs March 05, 2013

Ultimate Money Saving Tips for Sending Parcels

Packing, Recycling, Inviting and Earning   There are loads of ways to save money when you send parcels, especially if you send them with Fast Lane International. Here’s our guide to making your parcel delivery cheaper: 1. Use a ……
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eBay Guide May 10, 2012

10 Reasons Why Your eBay Items Didn’t Sell

So you’re having trouble shifting those eBay items. There are a number of reasons bidders are avoiding you. Here’s the 10 most common:   No Picture Having no picture of the item you are selling is very off-putting for your ……
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Measuring Boxes April 25, 2012

Avoid Surprises When Sizing Your Parcel for Delivery

It is important to remember, that when you get a quote for your parcel the weights and dimensions must be entered correctly or you will receive the wrong price and may be charged for the extra. When you send a ……
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Eco-friendly packaging April 04, 2012

How Couriers Can Reduce Their Carbon Footprint

  Traditionally most parcels will be packed within a cardboard box which are formed from harvesting wood from trees. With millions of parcels sent worldwide every day, this is not the greenest packaging solution. Then we have the cushioning material ……
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Damaged Parcel April 02, 2012

Damaged Parcel? 10 Common Packaging Mistakes

Have you ever ѕent а раrсеl that hаsn’t arrivеd аs it was ѕent? Whіlst every carrier we use will do their best to make sure your parcel arrives in the same condition you send it in, if the parcel is ……
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Great Packaging Art March 28, 2012

Green Triumph! Check Out These 5 Creative Uses of Used Packaging

When you send a parcel you would probably hope the receiver will dispose of the packaging in a green manner by using their local recycling facilities. At Fast Lane we are all for looking after our wonderful planet and we ……
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Shipping Posters May 31, 2011

Shipping Your Collectibles: Safe Parcel Delivery for Posters

One of the great challenges for shippers has been to handle items that are easily damaged. This obviously includes breakable items, but there is another category of item that can be bent, torn or wrinkled if not handled carefully, and ……
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Heavy Parcel Shipping May 23, 2011

Handling the Special Challenges of Shipping Heavy Parcels

Heavy parcel delivery is one of the greatest challenges that any shipping company has to face. But because this kind of parcel delivery presents so many different kinds of logistical problems, to a certain extent heavy parcel delivery functions as ……
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Ebay Selling Tips May 12, 2011

How to Improve eBay Profits with Fast and Reliable Parcel Delivery

With a service that is as informal and open as eBay, customer complaints of all types are inevitable. If there is one big complaint made about eBay over and over again, however, it is definitely the hidden shipping fees. People ……
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DHL Going Green April 19, 2011

DHL Goes Green

DHL has introduced an all-green fleet in Manhattan, and is testing a fleet of electric vehicles in the Rhine-Ruhr area. DHL is rolling out an all-green fleet of commercial delivery vehicles in Manhattan to help reduce its impact on the ……
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Sending Parcels to USA January 28, 2011

Send a Parcel to the USA

Send a parcel or consignment to the USA with ease. Fast Lane International have been sending shipments to the USA for over 25 years now and are the experts in finding the most appropriate options for your particular delivery. We ……
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