DPD International Delivery

DPD Europe delivery from only £16.76

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We also offer a number of handy tools including DPD tracking, DPD redelivery and a useful list of contact numbers for DPD customer services.

The difference

  • Signed for delivery.
  • Express and economy delivery options.
  • £50 free enhanced cover on every DPD shipment.
  • Real time tracking from door to door.

DPD Courier Services

DPD offers economy parcel delivery within the UK and EU, with European delivery times ranging from 2 to 5 days, depending on where you are shipping to.
DPD also offer a range of great service enhancements like DPD predict, which sends you an SMS the day before delivery to inform you what time the courier will deliver.

DPD Pickup & Drop-off points

The DPD pickup service offers more than 2,500 convenient pickup points across the UK. Pickup points are local retailers which are often
open late so they are extremely convenient and avoid you having to wait home all day. Using the service is easy, simply use
our price calculator to get a quote, and then select one of our DPD pickup services.

No more waiting at home
for the courier to arrive!

Choose from over 2,500
local retailers to collect
or drop-off your parcel.

Most retailers
are open evenings
and weekends.

Find your nearest DPD Drop-off or collection point

DPD Collection

DPD pickups are made during office hours on working days. If you book the day before collection, and provide a mobile number, the DPD predict service will text you to inform you what time the courier will arrive.

DPD Delivery

DPD makes only one delivery attempt as standard, if delivery fails it will either be dropped to a local retailer or you will need to collect from their local depot. Deliveries are made during office hours, on working weekdays.

DPD Tracking

"Whether your shipping" within the UK or sending a parcel internationally,
our DPD parcel tracking provides real-time scan updates every point
of your parcel journey. Simply enter your DPD tracking number into
our tracking page to get started.

If any delay occurs at en-route or at customs, we’ll automatically
email you the DPD delivery tracking information, and when you
track your parcel online we will provide a handy link to the
DPD customer service number in the destination country.

Learn more about tracking your parcel

DPD Delivery Times and Prices

DPD offers next day UK delivery, and 2 - 4 day economy delivery across the EU. All DPD rates are charged per parcel.

DPD express transit time estimates :

Central Europe

Inc France and Germany
Economy 2 to 3 days
From £19.78

Northern Europe

Inc Sweden and Denmark
Economy 3 to 4 days
From £23.19

Southern Europe

Inc Spain and Italy
Economy 3 to 4 days
From £23.38

Eastern Europe

Inc Poland and Romania
Economy 3 to 4 days
From £16.76

DPD Size and Weight Restrictions

DPD have very strict size and weight restrictions and significant surcharges are applied if your parcel exceeds their specified limits.

If you are sending large items or bulky packages that are close to, or exceed, the DPD size and weight restrictions listed above we recommend you use our specialist large and heavy parcel services provided by DPD, FedEx and TNT to avoid hefty surcharges being applied to your shipment.

Learn more about our prices and surcharges

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DPD Contact Numbers

Use our handy DPD contact list to obtain the telephone number for DPD customer services in any country served by DPD.


What happens if delivery fails?

DPD only make one delivery attempts as standard, so it’s really important you’re home on the day of delivery. If you provide your mobile number DPD will text you the day before delivery is due to take place with an estimated time of delivery. If delivery fails the courier will either drop the parcel to a local retailer for you to pick up, or you will need to collect from a local DPD depot.

What happens if my parcel is too big for DPD?

If your parcel exceeds DPD size and weight restrictions, they will either return your item (at your cost) or they will apply an additional surcharge, which could exceed £90. For this reason, we strongly advise if you don’t have equipment to weigh and measure your parcel, but you think it may be close to their size and weight limits, that you use one of our specialist large and heavy parcel services provided by other couriers such as DPD and TNT. Using these services, you can ship items up to 1,000 kg in weight, including pallet deliveries and air freight shipments.

How does the DPD predict service work?

Using satellite navigation DPD plans each route in advance and predicts the time of delivery for each shipment before the delivering courier leaves the depot. So long as you provide a mobile number DPD will text the recipient the day before delivery and provide you a one-hour window for the delivering courier to arrive.

Does DPD provide offer delivery outside of Europe?>

Yes, DPD offers international delivery services outside of the EU. However, deliveries are not made on their own network, and for some countries there is limited international tracking. We don’t therefore currently offer DPD international delivery outside of the EU.

Can I change the delivery address of a package after it collected?

Yes, we offer a number of ‘in-flight’ options, including amending the delivery date or address. Simply track your DPD parcel on our website, and you will be provided with a range of delivery options.

Who are DPD?

DPD was originally known as Geopost, the first private parcel delivery service in Germany. Geopost was acquired by the French postage group ‘Laposte’ in 1999 and has since grown to be one of Europe’s largest courier delivery services. In 2006 the DPD brand was launched by Geopost, and in 2015, the DPD Group was launched, to bring together the various brands in the group including DPD, Cronopost, SEUR and Interlink Express.