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offers the cheapest parcel delivery to Austria with the best Austrian delivery companies. We make it easy to compare a variety of shipping services , whether you're looking to post a gift to Graz, or ship a pallet to Vienna, we have a courier service that suits your time and budget.

When you send a parcel to Austria from the UK with not only will you enjoy saving of up to 60% on both fast express and cheap economy courier rates, but you also get £50 free enhanced cover* and an expert UK-based customer services team to ensure your delivery arrives smoothly.

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In order to offer the best Austrian shipping rates, has partnered with the most reliable global couriers. Our delivery price calculator helps you compare low prices from our partner carriers, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

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offers high quality courier services from the best courier networks the world over, on top of which our international shipping rates are up to 60% cheaper than shipping with the Post Office.

As well as fantastic savings our deliveries include free door-to-door tracking, £50 complementary cover* and signed-for delivery.

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Our Austria Parcel Delivery Services

Whether you're sending a parcel to Austria from the UK, or importing a shipment from Austria to the UK, offers a comprehensive range of services, from the best Austria couriers. With next day delivery, timed AM delivery, and cheap road delivery, shipping to Austria just got a whole lot easier.

Parcel Postage from the UK to Austria

Express – Next day delivery
Economy – 3/5 day delivery

Parcel Postage from Austria to the UK

Express – Next day delivery
Economy – 3/5 day delivery

Express Delivery

Next-Day Delivery

AM Delivery

Guaranteed pre 9am,10:30am and Noon Delivery

Cheap economy Austria shipping

Economy 3 - 5 day Delivery

Customs when sending to Austria

As Austria is a part of the European Union, shipments that are sent from inside the EU do not have duties and taxes applied – thanks to the EU's commitment to the free movement of goods. When parcels are sent from outside the EU however, there is a low value exemption from duties and taxes for goods that are worth less than €150. Packages that are worth more than this are taxed normally.

Even if you are shipping to Austria from within the EU, you will need to properly complete your customs paperwork. By being clear and descriptive, you will minimise the chances that there is a problem in clearing customs.

Learn more about customs clearance
Learn more about prohibited goods in the EU
Guide to exporting to Austria

Collection & Delivery

Parcels being collected and delivered

Courier Collection

When you ship with , we'll collect your parcel on the same day you make your booking at most locations throughout both the UK and Austria.

For shipments that are particularly heavy or bulky we require booking a day in advance. You will also need to help with loading when your courier arrives to collect.

If you have any special requirements for loading your package, such as a pallet truck, you will need to let us know when making your booking.

Austria Delivery

Our partner carriers will not make deliveries on public holidays or weekends. That means parcels will only be delivered on normal working days between 9am and 7pm. We can't narrow it down any further, unless you've chosen to use one of our timed delivery services.

We offer signed-for delivery, but some delivery partners will leave parcels in a safe place without requiring a signature. If you require proof of delivery, please upgrade to signed-for delivery while booking your shipment.

Austria Parcel Tracking

knows that every parcel we carry is important – that's why we make it easy to follow your parcel, from the point of pick-up all the way through to delivery in Austria. Your parcel is scanned at each stop of its journey, and our tracking system updates with each scan, so you know exactly where your package is every step of the way.

And in the unlikely event that there is a problem with your parcel, we'll notify both you and your recipient by email to explain the problem, and how to go about solving it.

Learn more about tracking your parcel to Austria

Sending Gifts to Austria

Just like shipping a normal parcel to Austria, sending a gift to Austria from within the European Union means that there's no need to worry about duties or taxes. There's a gift exemption for shipments from outside the EU, which means that gifts that are worth less than €45 do not have duties or taxes applied. Gifts worth more than this are treated as normal parcels.

One common mistake when shipping a present to Austria is improperly completing your paperwork. If you just declare that your goods are a “gift”, there may be problems in clearing customs, so be sure to declare the actual nature of your goods.

Large Parcel and Air Freight to Austria

Large and bulky parcels are no problem for . By working with specialist delivery partners, we make it simple to send even the largest, heaviest parcels to Austria. In fact, as long as it's on a pallet , we can carry goods that are up to 270cm long and as heavy as 1,000kg. All you need to remember is that you'll need to book a day in advance, and be on hand to offer your courier assistance in loading and unloading your package.

Learn more about Austria freight delivery

Sending food to Austria

Although Austria has plenty of tasty treats on offer, from tafelspitz to germknödel, sometimes there's nothing quite like the taste of home. So if you're tiring of schnitzel, or just really fancy sherbet lemons while you're living in Salzberg, makes it simple.

Food is one of 's most popular shipments, and we know just how to get it to its destination. There are some special rules to keep in mind, but as long as you keep to the points outlined below you shouldn't have any problems.

What you can send

Non-perishable foods

  • a. Store bought foods with a best before date over 6 months away.
  • b. Items must be in the original manufacturers packaging and unopened.
  • c. The food lable needs to list all the ingredients.
  • d. The best before date must be displayed on the packaging
  • e. Examples of pershable foods:
    Crisp and savory foods, Chocolates and candy, Canned foods, Herbs and Spices in sealed containers, tea bags, Jams and other preserves

What you cannot send

perishable foods

  • a. Foods with a shelf life of less than 6 months.
  • b. Homemade foods or any foods not in the original manufactures packaging.
  • c. Foods that can spoil in transit.
  • d. Food in packaging that have been opened.
  • e. Food that does not contain a food label listing the ingredients.

Packaging your Parcel

Sending a parcel to Austria is a process during which your parcel will change hands multiple times, including being loaded and unloaded from several vans. To make sure that your goods arrive in good condition, it's important to package them properly.

There are three main points to keep in mind when packaging your goods:


It's best to use a new box when shipping, as used boxes could look sturdy while hiding flaws that could make your box burst or be crushed in transit. For goods that weigh more than 10kg, use a double lined box for extra support.

Safely packaging a parcel for international shipping


Wrap each item individually with plenty of support. Place them in the box and add packaging materials so that no part of your goods are touching the walls of the box. Make sure that nothing moves when shaking the box.


Use proper packaging tape, which supports your box. Wrap three times around your box in a Union Flag pattern, and support the corners and joins in particular. Add shipping labels, making sure that all information is clearly visible.

Properly packaging your goods


Can I send food to Austria?

makes it simple to ship food to Austria – as long as you keep a few rules in mind. Most importantly, you can't send perishable goods internationally. That means all foods shipments must be store bought and in their original packaging, and homemade food is not allowed.

Who applies customs charges?

Customs charges are applied by Austrian customs. This is a part of the shipping process that has no control over. However, if your shipping to Austria from within the EU, then no duties will be applied.

Is there anything that I can't ship to Austria?

There are some goods that you are not allowed to ship internationally. Some are prohibited by the courier – like cologne and perfume. You can see a list of 's prohibited items . Others are restricted by Austria – you can see those on our EU prohibited items page.

If I want to send a gift, will I have to pay any extra charges?

If you're sending from in the EU, no. If not, it depends on what your package is worth. Gifts worth less than €45 do not have duties or taxes applied, while parcels that are worth more are treated as normal packages, and duties and taxes are applied.

Are there any extra charges for shipping to a remote area?

There are sometimes extra charges for shipping parcels to areas that are off the beaten path. After all, it's simple to send to Vienna, but shipping to somewhere like the Zillertal Alps or Dunkelsteinerwald is a more difficult process. Any extra charges won't come as a surprise however – takes surcharges into account when providing a quote.

Can I ship very big items with ?

specialise in shipping bulky items throughout the world, and make sending large and heavy goods to Austria simple. All you need to do is book a day in advance and be on hand when your courier arrives to offer assistance.

Does offer business courier services?

Yes. is proud to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you have a regular shipping need, 's business shipping services can help you save money. And we work with eBay shippers too. We have an eBay shipping calculator that makes it easy to get the best prices.