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If you’re looking for the cheapest way to send a parcel to Egypt from the UK, can deliver. We offer shipping with the best Egypt courier delivery companies at prices up to 60% less than booking direct.

Whether you need express delivery to Alexandria, or you want to ship cargo to Cairo, our courier services to Egypt have got you covered.

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Comparing prices for courier delivery to Egypt

Compare Shipping Prices to Egypt

It takes less than 30 seconds to get an online delivery quote on . We make it easy to compare prices for a range of reliable services, from express to economy.

  1. Tell us about your parcel
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Rates when sending to Egypt

The delivery prices you see when you get a quote on aren’t the prices you will see if you go direct to the couriers. They’re up to 60% cheaper.

We may cut prices, but we never cut corners on our service; not only do we offer a range of quality courier services to Egypt, we also give you £50 free cover with every shipment*, and allow you to track your parcel from door to door.

Check out our rates for other popular destinations:

*excluding Hermes deliveries

Our Courier Services to Egypt

You don’t have to be a pharaoh to afford shipping to Egypt with . Our express delivery services will get your parcel to Cairo must faster than post. So whether you’re sending a gift to your mum in Minya, or a sarcophagus to a geezer in Giza, we’ve got it handled.

And if you need to send from Egypt to the UK, then ’s import service is both affordable and reliable. Check out our range of delivery options below.

Parcel postage from the UK to Egypt

Express – 2-3 Day Delivery
Economy – 3-5 Day Delivery

Parcel Postage from Egypt to the UK

Express – 2-3 Day Delivery
Economy – 4-6 Day Delivery

Express Delivery

Fast 2-day delivery

AM Delivery

Pre 9am, 10:30am and noon delivery

Cheap Delivery to Egypt

Economy 3-5 day delivery

Clearing Egyptian Customs

Only documents are exempt from paying duties and taxes when shipping to Egypt. These charges will be calculated and levied by Egyptian Customs once your package reaches the border. They will be charged to the person you have sent the parcel to, is not a part of this process.

The booking process walks you through all the information you need to create the relevant customs forms for Egypt, then we send them to you to print out and attach to your shipment.

Learn more about clearing customs
Prohibited items when sending to Egypt
Official Egyptian Customs site
Guide on exporting to Egypt from the UK

Collection & Delivery

Shipments being collected and delivered

Courier Collection

We can collect on the day you book from addresses throughout the UK. But if you don’t want to wait in for our driver why not drop your parcel at a drop-off location? These are shops or other businesses who will take and securely store your package until our driver turns up to collect it. And it’s not just more convenient, it’s also cheaper.

Don’t forget, you need to print out and attach your shipping label before our driver arrives, as express delivery means just that – we can’t wait around.

Courier Delivery

If it’s convenient it’s nearly always better to send to someone at the place they work, not least because we deliver between 9am and 7pm on working weekdays, so someone is likely to be there to receive your parcel.

If you do send to a residential address you may incur a small extra charge, which will be included with your quote. This is because residential deliveries fail more often than business ones, costing the courier time and money.

Tracking your Delivery to Egypt

When you send a parcel to Egypt it’s going to travel by road and air across thousands of miles, through multiple countries. We won’t leave you in the dark during that time – you can enter your tracking number on the website at any time and we will tell you the last time your parcel made a stop, or if it’s out for delivery.

And should your shipment get held up, we will immediately email both you and your recipient to let you know about the delay. Our friendly team of shipping experts are also available on the phone to help you resolve any problems.

Learn more about tracking your Egyptian parcel delivery

Sending Gifts to Egypt

The ancient Egyptians may have buried their dead with presents to take with them to the afterlife, but they probably didn’t have to pay duties and taxes when they passed over. Unfortunately, if you’re sending a gift to someone in Egypt there are no exemptions to Customs fees, which means you’ll pay the same as you would with any other parcel.

Everyone loves a nicely wrapped present, but few people love a gift which has been torn open, then hastily resealed following a customs inspection. Rather than risk this happening, consider an easy-to-open gift bag instead.

Large and heavy shipping to Egypt

may not have built the pyramids, but we’re not scared of a bit of hard labour. We offer specialist freight services for big and bulky packages up to 1,000kg in weight, or 270cm long.

Whether you’re sending furniture to Abnub, or a pallet of commercial products to Esna, our door-to-door or port-to-port freight delivery services can support your needs.

Make sure you book oversized shipments at least 24 hours in advance, and if you need a pallet truck, or other loading assistance, let our customer services know.

Learn more about sending bulky items to Egypt

Sending food to Egypt

If you want to add some extra flavours to your Ful Medames, or you want a complement to your Koshari, then makes it easy to ship food to Egypt.

From gift hampers to tinned treats, there’s plenty you can send, just follow the simple rules below.

What you can send

Non-perishable foods

  • a. Store bought foods with a best before date over 6 months away.
  • b. Items must be in the original manufacturers packaging and unopened.
  • c. The food lable needs to list all the ingredients.
  • d. The best before date must be displayed on the packaging
  • e. Examples of pershable foods:
    Crisp and savory foods, Chocolates and candy, Canned foods, Herbs and Spices in sealed containers, tea bags, Jams and other preserves

What you cannot send

perishable foods

  • a. Foods with a shelf life of less than 6 months.
  • b. Homemade foods or any foods not in the original manufactures packaging.
  • c. Foods that can spoil in transit.
  • d. Food in packaging that have been opened.
  • e. Food that does not contain a food label listing the ingredients.

Parcel Packaging

On any given day, your parcel will be accompanying hundreds of others on its journey from the UK to Egypt. That means that it’s likely to encounter its fair share of bumps and knocks. The best way to ensure your goods aren’t affected by this is to ensure your packaging is up to scratch.

Follow our three-step guide to packing your parcel and you can rest easy that your items are protected


What’s the cost of a new box compared to replacing the goods you’re sending? Buying new will ensure there are no existing weaknesses, so your package is unlikely to buckle under the weight of other parcels it travels with.

Safely packaging a parcel for international shipping


Wrap each individual item in bubble wrap, or a similar protective packaging material, then suspend them in more packaging within your box. Ensure no item is closer than 6cm to your inner box walls.


A strong parcel tape will hold up on a journey far better than standard sticky tape. Wrap around your box three times in each direction, creating a Union Flag pattern across the top. Cover all corners and joins to reinforce them.

Learn more about packaging your parcel


Is there anything I can’t send to Egypt?

Before you pack up your parcel it’s important to check that everything you’re sending is going to make it to its destination. ’s prohibited items list tells you what our couriers won’t carry to any destination. There are other items which Egyptian Customs won’t let into their country either, including anything which may be offensive to Muslim culture, antiques and valuables over 100 years old. For a full list check out the links in our customs section above.

Are there any charges for shipping to remote areas of Egypt?

There’s a lot of desert in Egypt, which means that some locations are more accessible than others. Delivery to remote locations, such as Abu Minqar or Siwa Oasis, is likely to take extra time and cost compared to shipping to Cairo or Marsa Matruh. The good news is that these factors will be included in your quote as soon as you enter a delivery address.

Which couriers does work with?

At we pride ourselves on only delivering the best service, which means we only work with the best couriers. These include DHL, FedEx, UPS and TNT.

Does work with businesses?

Yes, we have a business shipping programme to help you establish a logistics solution for your company. And if you’re not quite at the full company stage, we offer great discounts on eBay shipping.