Prohibited and Restricted Items in Egypt

takes the hassle out of international shipping, as we produce all the paperwork you need to get your package through customs. However, when you’re shipping to Egypt there are some items which will not be allowed into the country however expert your courier.

Before you pack your shipment be sure to check ’s list of prohibited items. These are goods which out partner couriers won’t carry to any destination, often because they’re illegal or dangerous.

On top of this Egypt has its own set of prohibitions and restrictions on imports. Many items cross over with ’s, such as guns or narcotics, but there are a few regulations which you should be aware of.

Egypt has a strict ban on the import of any items which could be considered offensive to its Muslim culture. This is a very open definition and could include items as commonplace as a copy of Salman Rushdie’s ‘The Satanic Verses’, so be sure to double check any literature or films which you send.

For a country full of ancient wonders, Egypt is clearly not keen on gathering any more, as antiques are also prohibited by Egyptian customs.

If you find yourself unsure as to whether your package will pass customs, it’s best to contact Egyptian Customs direct.

Contact Egyptian Customs

E-mail: info@customs.gov.eg
Telephone Number : (202)234-22152 / (202)234-22153 / (202)234-22154