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Shipping from the UK to Iraq

makes shipping to Iraq easy. We offer the best prices from the most reliable couriers delivering to Iraq, whether you're looking to send express or ship heavy freight for an economy price.
Plus, we offer door-to-door tracking for every package, £50 free cover on every shipment* and UK-based customer service, all for up to 60% cheaper than booking directly.

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Our Iraq Courier Services

  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Express or Economy Shipping to Iraq
  • Large and heavy delivery experts

*excluding Hermes deliveries

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Iraq shipping prices

Compare Prices for shipping to Iraq

If you're looking for the cheapest prices for posting to Iraq, look no further than . Our parcel delivery calculator shows you a range of services from global couriers, so you can compare the best prices and choose the one that suits your needs.

  1. Enter your shipment details.
  2. Compare prices from the best Iraq couriers.
  3. Select from fast or economy options.

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The best postage prices

Iraq shipping prices

Although we pride ourselves on the great savings that we offer, 's international shipping is more than a pretty price tag.

When it comes to parcel postage , there's no competition – 's not just faster than standard post to Iraq, it's cheaper too. Even with door-to-door tracking and £50 free cover on every shipment*, is up to 60% cheaper.

Check out our prices for other popular services and destinations across the Middle East and Africa:

*excluding Hermes deliveries

Our Courier Services to Iraq

No matter what you're hoping to ship to Iraq from the UK, makes it simple. Whether you're looking for the cheapest air freight shipping or the fastest way to get a package to Baghdad, helps you get the best price.

That's not just the case in one direction either – we have import services that make it easy to ship from Iraq to the UK. Whether you're sending bulky pallets , a gift or a food shipment we make it easy.

Shipping to Iraq from the UK

Express - 4 Day Delivery
Economy Delivery – 5/8 Days

Shipping from Iraq to the UK

Express - 5 Day Delivery
Economy Delivery – 6/8 Days

Express Delivery

Express 4-day delivery

AM Delivery

Pre 9am,10:30am and Noon Delivery

Economy Delivery to Iraq

Cheap 5-8 day Delivery

Customs in Iraq

When sending to Iraq, there are no exemptions or allowances in customs and duties, which means that every shipment that enters the country will have to pass through customs clearance and will have customs and duties applied. When this is the case, these fees are the responsibility of the recipient of the parcel, and the package will not be released from customs until they are paid.

's booking system automatically adds all the paperwork required to your booking, so as long as you properly fill out your booking on our site, you shouldn't have any problems.

Learn more about customs clearance
Learn more about restricted items in Iraq
Iraqi customs regulations
UK government guide to exporting to Iraq

Collection & Delivery

A courier pick-up

Courier Collection

As long as you book in good time, will be able to collect your parcel on that same day from most locations in the UK and Iraq. If your parcel is particularly large or heavy, however, you will need to book a day in advance.

You can make use of your local drop-off points. These are normally a small business – like a corner shop – where you can drop your parcel off at your convenience. This is a cheaper option too, and we pass the savings on to you.

Parcels stacked on a trolley

Iraq Delivery

As standard, most partner couriers will attempt to make three deliveries in Iraq before the parcel will be returned to the sender.

Deliveries will be attempted between 9am and 7pm on normal working days, (Please note that that Iraq's weekend begins on Friday). We will not deliver on the weekend or bank holidays, so take that into account when making your booking. You can pick a delivery slot by taking advantage of our timed delivery services.

Tracking shipments to Iraq

When you send a parcel to Iraq, it is scanned on every step of the journey. This keeps us up to date with your package, and we make sure that you are also kept informed with our free door-to-door tracking.

And if there is a problem with your parcel, we'll get in touch with you and your recipient to explain the problem, and how to go about rectifying it. Your scans will show us exactly what the issue is, which makes it easy to go about sorting it out.

Learn more about tracking your package to Iraq

Large and Heavy Shipments to Iraq

Shipping with means that even large parcels or freight shipments can be sent to Iraq cheaply and simply. By using our specialist partners like DHL and TNT, offers cheap air-freight delivery for packages that are up to 270cm in length and 1,000 kg in weight, including pallets. When using our services, make sure to book in advance and be on hand when it arrives.

Learn more about sending oversized items to Iraq

Sending food to Iraq

Sometimes there's nothing like food from home, and, as long as it's not perishable, you can ship it with . In fact, it's easy to send food to Iraq as long as you follow our regulations and avoid a few common mistakes when shipping.

So if you're not sure that baba ghanoush is your garnish of choice, or you've had your fill of of kofta, makes it easy to ship food to Iraq.

What you can send

Non-perishable foods

  • a. Store bought foods with a best before date over 6 months away.
  • b. Items must be in the original manufacturers packaging and unopened.
  • c. The food lable needs to list all the ingredients.
  • d. The best before date must be displayed on the packaging
  • e. Examples of pershable foods:
    Crisp and savory foods, Chocolates and candy, Canned foods, Herbs and Spices in sealed containers, tea bags, Jams and other preserves

What you cannot send

perishable foods

  • a. Foods with a shelf life of less than 6 months.
  • b. Homemade foods or any foods not in the original manufactures packaging.
  • c. Foods that can spoil in transit.
  • d. Food in packaging that have been opened.
  • e. Food that does not contain a food label listing the ingredients.

Packaging your Parcel

We send thousands of packages safely every week, but to make sure that your goods arrive in the best possible condition, it's important to make sure you properly package them.

TThere are three main points to keep in mind when packaging your goods:


Make sure you're using a strong box. A new double corrugated box, is best, as an older box may have weaknesses that could lead to your box being crushed in transit.

Safely packaging a parcel for international shipping


Each of your goods should be wrapped individually before being placed into your box. They should be surrounded with packaging material so they are not touching the walls of your box.


Strong packaging tape helps protect your box's weak points. Wrap three times around your box in a Union Flag pattern, with extra tape on the corners and seals. Add your labels so that the barcode is clearly visible.

Properly packaging your goods


Can I send food to Iraq?

Yes. Food is one of 's most popular shipments. There are some rules to keep in mind; for example, only food that is store bought and in original packaging. You can't send anything that may perish in transit. That means you can't send anything homemade.

Will deliver on a holiday?

only delivers on weekdays. National and bank holidays are not days on which our partner carriers will make deliveries. Keep that in mind when making bookings.

Can I send eBay items to Iraq?

makes it easy to open your auction up to bidders the world over. Our eBay parcel calculator allows you to check your shipping costs, and save against other shipping providers.

Are there any delays when delivering to somewhere remote?

Although it's a simple matter to send to places like Basra and Baghdad, getting parcels to areas a little further from the beaten path is a little more problematic. That means that some packages may come with extra charges or a day or two extra in transit – but that shouldn't come as any surprise with . Our unique booking system takes charges or extra time into account when the destination address is added, so you'll only have to pay what you're quoted and your parcel will arrive when it's expected to.

Does work with businesses?

works with businesses of all shapes and sizes, making it easy to save money on your shipping. Our business shipping services are tailored to your needs, and make sure you're getting the best savings.