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Shipping to Turkey

Shipping to Turkey from the UK is easy with . We help find the best value shipping for economy and express options with the biggest courier networks in the world.

So whether you're sending a gift to a loved one, shipping a large commercial shipment of goods, or imports from Turkey to the UK, offers a range of shipping options at fantastic prices.

We only partner with the best carriers, and offer door-to-door tracking, so you know that when you ship your parcel to Turkey with , it's in the safest possible hands.

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Our Turkey Shipping Services

With , you can ship parcels of all shapes and sizes without a problem. We ship everything from documents to large and heavy air freight every day, so no matter what you're sending, has the perfect shipping option to suit your budget.

And when it comes to going the other way, has great import services that make it easy to send packages from Turkey to the UK. We can even collect your shipment on the same day you book it from many locations throughout Turkey.

Shipping to Turkey from the UK

Express - 2-Day Delivery
Economy Delivery – 4/5 Days

Shipping from Turkey to the UK

Express - 2 Day Delivery
Economy Delivery – 4/5 Days

Express Delivery

Fast 2-day delivery

AM Delivery

Pre 9am, 10:30am and Noon Delivery

Cheap Delivery to Turkey

Economy - 4/5 day Delivery

Customs in Turkey

Because Turkey is not a part of the European Union, every package that passes through customs is subject to duties and taxes. Parcels sent to Turkey worth less than €75, however, can enter the country without attracting any fees. Goods worth more than that will attract duties and taxes as normal, which will need to be paid before the parcel is released from customs. It should be noted that there's no specific gift exemption when sending to Turkey, so gifts will be treated as normal shipments.

Collection & Delivery

Your delivery and collection options when shipping with Parcelcompare®

Courier Collection

We can collect your parcel from across the UK and Turkey on the very same day you book in most locations.

If you are sending a parcel that is longer than 180cm or heavier than 50kg you will have to book at least a day in advance of pick-up – you will also need to provide your courier with assistance loading the delivery.

If you're sending a pallet or an item requiring a tail lift or pallet truck, please contact our customer care team prior to collection.

Turkey Delivery

Unless you have chosen to use one of our timed delivery services, we make our deliveries between 9am and 7pm, Monday to Friday. If the first time we attempt a delivery you're not available, most of our carriers make two additional delivery attempts.

In some cases, our partner courier – such as UPS – may leave a package in a safe place without requiring proof of delivery. If you know that you need a signature as proof of delivery, please use the upgrade option 'Signature required' on our 'select service page'.

Parcel Tracking

When a parcel is sent to Turkey it goes through several steps, passing between multiple depots on its journey. At each stop along the way it is scanned, which updates our tracking system and lets us know exactly where it is. We pass that information along to you in real time, so you know where your parcel is at any given time. If there's a problem with your shipment, your scan will be marked 'exception'.

And just to ensure that you're in the loop, when you get an exception we'll send you and your recipient an email so that you're aware of any delays, and your recipient isn't left waiting around for a package that might be late.

Learn more about tracking your Turkey parcel

Large Parcel and Air Freight to Turkey

With , shipping even the largest parcels or freight shipments to Turkey is cheap and easy. offers a cheap, simple option to send packages that are as heavy as 1,000kg and up to 270cm long, with pallets included. There are several rules to using our large and heavy services, but the most important is that you need to book at least 24 hours in advance so that we can plan a proper pickup. When we arrive to collect your parcel, please be on hand to offer assistance in loading and unloading your shipment.

Learn more about exporting freight to Turkey

Sending food to Turkey

There is plenty of Turkish food to delight the tongue, but if you've had your fill of Menemen, Kofte or Manti, sometimes there's nothing like the taste of home. Sending a food gift is one of our most common shipments, so makes it easier to send food than ordering a Turkish ice cream.

If you're looking to send delicious treats to Istanbul, or are the main supplier of tasty snacks for all of Bodrum, makes sure that it's simple and cheap to ship food. It's one of the easiest shipments to make a mistake with however, so there are a few things to keep in mind.

What you can send

Non-perishable foods

  • a. Store bought foods with a best before date over 6 months away.
  • b. Items must be in the original manufacturers packaging and unopened.
  • c. The food lable needs to list all the ingredients.
  • d. The best before date must be displayed on the packaging
  • e. Examples of pershable foods:
    Crisp and savory foods, Chocolates and candy, Canned foods, Herbs and Spices in sealed containers, tea bags, Jams and other preserves

What you cannot send

perishable foods

  • a. Foods with a shelf life of less than 6 months.
  • b. Homemade foods or any foods not in the original manufactures packaging.
  • c. Foods that can spoil in transit.
  • d. Food in packaging that have been opened.
  • e. Food that does not contain a food label listing the ingredients.

Packaging your Parcel

There's a lot of travelling to do for a parcel to reach Turkey and, by the time it gets there, a lot of handling too. If you'd like your parcel to arrive in the same condition it left in, it's vital to properly package it before you book your shipping.

To make sure that there are no nasty surprises when it arrives at the other end, there are three key points to keep in mind:


When you're shipping, make sure that the box is up for the task. Use a new one – old boxes are liable to burst or be crushed in transit. We suggest that you use a double corrugated box for most goods, but if your goods are lighter than about 10kg, you might not need that extra protection.

Safely packaging a parcel for international shipping


This is arguably the most important part of the process, so make sure to be generous while wrapping your goods. Use plenty of cushioning around your goods once they're in the box – you should use at least 6cm ideally. Your goods should be in the middle of the box, not contacting any of the walls.


If you're not using a new box, make sure that you've removed all prior labelling. It's also important to use packaging tape, which helps give the box extra strength. Tape up the box in a union flag style, making sure to reinforce the corners – the weakest points. Then apply your label, and make sure that your barcode is fully visible.

Properly packaging your goods


Can I send food to Turkey?

Yes, you can ship food to Turkey with . However, you can't just send whatever you like – there are some rules to keep in mind. Any food that you'd like to send must be store bought and non-perishable. If it is homemade, it is not allowed to be shipped by courier.

Who applies customs charges?

When duties and customs are applied to a shipment, it is done as a part of the customs clearance process. This is not a part of the shipping process that has any control over.

Is there anything that I can't ship to Turkey?

There are several items that are not allowed to be shipped, all of which fall into one of two categories: goods restricted for shipping by courier – such as perfume and cologne – and goods that are restricted by Turkey. You can see what goods are not carried by courier on 's list of restricted goods. Turkey have their own goods that they are not happy to allow, so make sure to check with their customs team before booking your shipment.

Does work with economy couriers?

No, doesn't work with economy couriers. We pride ourselves on more than cheap prices, so we choose to partner only with the best couriers possible. That means you get fast, reliable shipping from couriers like DHL , DPD, FedEx, TNT and UPS while paying an economy price.

Could I ship an eBay item to Turkey? What if I'm a business?

is proud to work with small and medium businesses, and even has a specialty business shipping service to make sure you're getting the best prices possible. is also ideal for shipping eBay parcels, as our eBay shipping calculator can help you find the best shipping deal before you list your auction.

If I want to send a gift, will I have to pay any extra charges?

When you're shipping gifts to Turkey, they are treated as normal packages for customs purposes. That means that you won't have to pay any extra charges above and beyond what you would normally – gifts worth less than €75 won't have any duties and taxes attached at all.

Why should I ship with ?

Shipping with offers not just the best value, but the greatest possible service. With free door-to-door tracking and signature proof of delivery, we pride ourselves on being the safest hands, all for 60% cheaper than booking directly.

Can I ship very big items with ?

You can, as we offer air freight and pallet delivery services for goods of up to 1,000kg in weight through specialty partners like DHL. If your large goods are not on a pallet, we can ship packages that are as long as 270cm and weighing up to 70kg.

What are your delivery times to Turkey?

Turkey is a large country, with over 81 provinces. Although we can deliver to most provinces within two days, some remote districts such as the Kackar mountain range, the valley of the River Coruh and Olu Deniz all take longer to deliver to. Allow an additional 1 – 2 days' transit time for remote areas, but we'll always provide an accurate delivery time at the point of quote.