Labelling and Packaging Criteria


When in transit, your package will be handled multiple times. It might also have packages put on top of it. Your packaging has to be strong enough to withstand courier transportation. If your packaging is not sufficient, you risk your package being damaged in transit, and you will also not be able to claim compensation. can help you ensure your package is secure, please review the below criteria and also review our packaging guidelines page to see how.

Packaging Criteria:

  • Use a new, rigid box with flaps intact, that is strong enough for your goods (See Box Strength Guidelines)
    Over 10kg: double-lined corrugated box.
    Over 30kg: triple-lined corrugated box.
    Over 40kg: rigid wooden box or pallet.
  • Where a pallet is being used, the dimensions of the pallet must be declared at the point of booking.
    • Some carriers such as UPS do not accept pallets and will remove them if they are used. By declaring the pallet dimensions our booking system will only provide quotes for couriers that accepts palletised shipments.
    • If you do not provide the pallet dimensions, and the courier consequently removes the pallet, it could affect your claim in the event of damage.
  • Remove any labels and markings from the box.
  • Use strong tape designed for shipping. Make sure the joins have enough tape to hold them securely closed, and run tape 3 times in both directions across the box and joints.
  • Use adequate cushioning material, and completely fill the box with packaging material, so there is no movement or space inside the box.
  • If you're sending large fragile items such as electronic equipment or machinery, the product should be fully suspended inside the box, using moulded polystyrene that’s specifically moulded to the product you're shipping.
  • Make sure your products are not touching the walls of the box, they should be suspended in packaging.
  • Wrap all items separately.
  • Don't encase the outer packaging with paper or plastic or use string.
  • Use a single address label with delivery and return information.
  • Place a duplicate address label inside the package.
  • If your package weighs greater than 70 kg in weight, then the goods should be palletised.
    does not provide a removal service or a lifting service, so your goods will need to accessible for a vehicle to load the goods using a tail-lift.

At a Glance:

Use good strong packaging, put lots of cushioning inside the box, wrap your item well and seal the box well.

Labeling Criteria

  • You can either print the shipping label or email it to yourself / someone else.
  • You can print the shipping label/s using any laser printer.
  • normally prints two copies of the shipping label for each parcel,the spare label should be handed to the collecting courier.
  • Attach a shipping label to each package using a Documents Enclosed Pouch.