Limits of Liability


The following is a summary for information purposes of certain relevant provisions of the Parcel Compare Limited Terms and Conditions of Carriage. The full terms prevail in case of inconsistency with the present summary. Parcel Compare Limited contracts with the shipper on the basis that Parcel Compare Limited’s liability is strictly limited to direct loss only and to the per kilo/Ib limits in this Section 8. All other types of loss or damage are excluded (including but not limited to lost profits, income, interest, future business. Parcel Compare Limited’s liability in respect of any one Shipment transported, is limited to its actual cash value and shall not exceed the greater of £50.

International Carriage: Where carriage is international, international conventions may apply, in particular the Warsaw or Montreal Convention in the case of carriage by air and CMR Convention in the case of carriage by road. The national laws of some countries may also extend the rules of such conventions to purely domestic carriage.

Were they apply, the rules of the Warsaw, Montreal and CMR conventions govern and in most cases will limit our liability for loss, damage or delay to a shipment.

The Warsaw and Montreal Convention limit is usually 17 Special Drawing Rights (SDR's) per kilogram of the goods affected

The CMR Convention limit is 8.33 SDR's per kilogram (but restricted to the amount of carriage charges in the case of delay).

Other Carriage: Where Convention rules do not apply, we will only pay compensation for loss, damage or delay of a package caused by our negligence and only up to a maximum of:

£60 per shipment;


if greater, 8.33 SDR's per kilo of the goods affected,

subject (as in all cases) to proof of loss. See our terms and conditions for further information.

You may obtain the benefit of a greater limit of liability by purchasing Parcel Protection up to the value you declare on the Parcel Compare Limited shipping documentation and paying corresponding additional charge. If you declare a shipment value and pay the applicable Parcel Protection charge, then Parcel Compare Limited's liability shall be limited to proven damages not exceeding the sum so declared (see under 'Optional services).

The value of the goods concerned shall not in any event exceed £20,000 (£300 in the case of jewellery or costume watches) or its local equivalent per package in a shipment, as Parcel Compare Limited does not offer carriage for goods with values exceeding these amounts.

Except when Convention rules or other mandatory laws apply and require otherwise, we will not pay compensation for purely economic losses (such as loss of business opportunities or loss of revenue resulting from loss of use), even if a value has been declared for carriage in respect of the relevant shipment. We will also not be liable for any damage to or loss of packaging.

Any claim against Parcel Compare Limited must be notified to us in writing as soon as possible and also within any specific time limits set out in our terms and conditions. In certain circumstances, Convention rules (if applicable) may permit a claim to be pursued against Parcel Compare Limited outside these periods.

In addition to the above, any legal proceedings in respect of a shipment must be commences and served on us within eight months of Deliver or (in the case of non-Deliver) of the due date for Deliver. If the Warsaw, Montreal or CMR Conventions apply, there are longer time limits for the commencement or legal proceedings: in summary 2 years in the case of the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions and 1 year (3 years if there is a wilful misconduct on Parcel Compare Limited's part) in the case of CMR Convention.