Free MBG & Premium MBG


We offer a free money back guarantee for our Timed Delivery service. If You choose to ship Your Consignment with us using the Timed Delivery service and We do not satisfy the agreed time limit for delivery of Your Consignment due to an error on our part, You are entitled to receive a credit or a refund of the Charges incurred in respect of the Consignment.

For all other PC Services, You have an option to upgrade to a guaranteed delivery within the agreed time limit for that particular PC Service by paying a Surcharge for a PREMIUM MBG.

We are the only company that offers You the chance to upgrade to a guaranteed delivery on every Consignment You send, no matter what the destination!

When placing an Order on our Site, You will be informed if Your shipment is covered by our FREE MBG. If it is not, do not worry, shortly after, You will be offered an opportunity to upgrade to our PREMIUM MBG.

We recommend that You take out the PREMIUM MBG where You have a tight deadline for delivery. If We fail to meet that tight deadline and such failure is due to our fault, You will either be entitled to a credit or be refunded all of the Charges incurred in respect of the Consignment in full in the case of total loss and in proportion to the loss sustained in the case of partial loss, provided that the PC Service Terms are complied with in full. Neither the FREE MBG nor the PREMIUM MBG apply in the case of:

  • a Force Majeure Event (Clause 11);
  • in respect of certain circumstances listed in our Service Terms (Clause 15.1(a)-(f));
  • non-compliance with our Labelling and Packaging Criteria (Clause 7); or,
  • a PC Lien being exercised (Clause 12.13(f)).