packaging guidelines

Safely packaging your items is really important.
Our guidelines will tell you all you need to know to ensure safe delivery.

Safely packaging your parcel

The last thing anyone wants is gifts to a loved one, or other important items, being damaged.

Safely packaging your parcel for transportation is a really important part of using a courier, especially when sending abroad, or if your shipping bulky items. If you don’t package your item properly they can easily get damaged in transit and you may not be able to claim in the event of damage.

This handy guide will help you keep your parcel safe and make sure it arrives in one piece.

Using the right box

It may sound obvious but you need a strong box, and ideally one that’s new.
If your items weigh more than 10kg we recommend using a double lined box.

Couriers charge on size, as well as weight, so if your box is too big for the contents it will cost you more. If your box is too small and you pack everything in the box, you run the risk of the box bursting in transit and items going missing.

Internal cushioning and packing your items


Use bubble wrap or
polystyrene peanuts


Wrap every item


Completely fill the
box with packaging
material so your items
cannot move around inside

Make sure none of your items are touching the inside walls of the box, otherwise shock may travel through the box and damage the items.

Taping your box and labelling

  1. Use strong packaging tape
  2. Tape at least three times in both directions
    all the way around the box
  3. Make sure the label is firmly affixed to the box using
    clear packaging tape, and you don’t cover any of the barcodes.

If the box feels a bit weak for the contents, using extra taping around the outside of the box can strengthen the box and stop it bursting in transit

Things to avoid

Don’t send glass or white goods by courier unless professionally packaged, it’s not safe to do so.

Don’t force stuff into a box, it’s really important you use the right size of box.

Don’t ever place items inside a box without putting cushioning between the box wall and the item.