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With you can save up to 60% on the world’s best couriers against going direct. In fact, many of our prices are cheaper than postage. All of our quotes include all applicable surcharges, and on this page you can also learn what types of surcharges may affect your package.

If you’re sending a large or heavy item there may be additional surcharges which will be applied to your shipment when we provide you with a quote.

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Optional Upgrades

Parcel Insurance

Enhanced Cover

We offer £50 free cover*. For higher value items you can purchase additional enhanced cover at a maximum of £20,000 per shipment.

*excluding Hermes deliveries

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Delivery Signature

Signature Required

Guarantees your shipment will not be delivered without signature.
£1.00 per shipment

More info:
All our delivery partners normally obtain a signature for each delivery. However sometimes a courier will leave a package in a safe place such as a porch. By selecting the signature required option you can ensure the courier will not release the package without signature.

Guaranteed Delivery

Money Back Guarantee Upgrade

If your shipment is delayed due to a carrier error, then you will receive a full refund.

Surcharge of 10% of your parcel quote.

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Surcharges applied during the booking process

Home Delivery Icon

Residential Delivery Charge

applies a surcharge for deliveries to home addresses.

£2.20 surcharge in addition to the delivery costs.

More info about residential delivery charges:
It costs a courier more to deliver to a home address because the courier may have to travel further and often the receiver isn’t home, so the delivery fails. As a result, most couriers charge more to deliver to your home address.

We do however subsidise the cost of home delivery so you enjoy significant savings, as you do with all ’s price comparison services.

Please note that the residential delivery charge is applied during the booking process once you have selected the collection and delivery address. We cannot apply the charge in your initial quote as we don’t know if you are shipping to a home address at that point. You can however add it as an upgrade option on the quote page itself.

Parcel delivery in a remote location

Remote Area Delivery

Although can deliver to almost any location in the world, some rural areas have an extended area surcharge applied, and for very remote locations higher remote area surcharges are added.

The following surcharges will be applied in addition to shipping costs:

- Extended areas - £18.50 or £0.35 per kg, whichever is greater.
- Remote areas - £18.50 or £0.35 per kg, whichever is greater.

More info:
It costs couriers more to deliver to remote locations. Every courier has a different set of areas that they consider to be remote. So long as you entered the collection and delivery postcode on our homepage when obtaining a parcel comparison quote, any applicable surcharges will be included in your parcel quote, so you can always compare prices and make your own choice.

Deliver costs for large and heavy parcels

Large and heavy shipments need to be handled differently to normal shipments. They often require special collection vehicles and special sortation at the courier depots. As a result, most couriers charge additional surcharges for large or heavy shipments.

As with all our courier prices they include all applicable surcharges when you obtain your parcel comparison quote. However, it’s important that you enter the correct dimensions and weight of each parcel so we can quote you accurately.

forklift transporting a heavy parcel

UPS Additional Handling

An additional handling surcharge is applied to any shipment that breaches any of the following conditions:

Any item:
- Not fully encased in a wood or metal shipping container
- Weighing more than 32 kg.

- With a length greater than 100 cm

- Where the second longest side exceeds 76 cm

£12.80 per package surcharge will be added to your parcel delivery costs.

ParcelForce's Additional Handling Surcharge of £2.20 shall be applied to any package in a shipment that meets one or more of the following criteria:

- Any item with a length between 110 cm and 150 cm

- Any item where the 2nd longest side exceeds 70 cm

Large Parcel Delivery

DHL Large Package Surcharge

- When the item exceeds 120 cm in length

£70 per shipment in addition to the delivery costs.

UPS Large Package Surcharge

- When the girth and length combined exceed 300 cm.

£84.40 per package will be added to your parcel delivery price. Additionally, a minimum billable weight of 40 kg will be applied to all large package shipments.

TNT's Large Package Surcharge of £3.50 shall be applied to any package in a shipment that meets one or more of the following criteria:

- Any item that weighs more than 50 kg.

- Any item with length greater than 140 cm.

- Any item where the 2nd longest side exceeds 70 cm.

Heavy parcel on scales

Over Limits Fee

DHL Over Limits Fee

When the package weight exceeds 70kg

£30.25 per package

UPS Over Limits Fee

When the girth and length combined exceed 400 cm

When the package weight exceeds 70kg

£169.00 per package

Undeliverable shipments, collection re-booking and cancellation charges

A Courier Holding an Undeliverable Parcel

Undeliverable Shipments

When we are unable to deliver your parcel.
A £5 surcharge will apply to the parcel delivery price

More info
Most couriers make three delivery attempts; however, some only make one. Once the final delivery attempt is made the shipment will be taken to the carrier’s depot or a local retailer for your collection. We will email you to notify you of this, at which point you will have five working days to collect the shipment otherwise it will be returned to you. When a packages return you are liable to also pay the return shipping costs in addition to this surcharge.

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Closed door indicating failed collection

Failed collection charge

When a collection failed due to you not being available when the courier arrives.

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More info
Every time a courier has to attend delivery it costs money and time, and the wasted journey also has an environmental impact. As a result, we apply a rebooking fee for all failed collections. We also recommend you use our access point service, which allows you to drop off your package any time to a local retailer, so you don’t need to waiting all day for the courier to arrive.

Hermes, DHL, FedEx, TNT FREE
Parcelforce £9
UPS Same day collection£3.6
UPS Next day collection£2
Closed door indicating failed collection


If you wish to cancel your shipment, a cancellation fee is applied depending on which courier you have used.

Hermes£6 or the total shipping cost, whichever is less
Parcelforce £9
All other carriers£6

* All charges inclusive of VAT

Map showing incorrect delivery address

Address correction

Where you provide an incorrect address and we update the address in order to deliver your parcel the following surcharges will be applied to our normal delivery costs:

The following surcharges will be applied:
- UK Delivery - £5 per shipment
- International Courier Services - £9 per shipment

More info
Providing an incorrect address can result in a wasted journey and additional work is required to reroute the parcel. The surcharges applied cover this additional administration.

Logistics Warehouse

Warehouse storage charges

When a shipment is stored for more than three days due to the delay in customs clearance

This charge is applied when your shipment is held in the courier’s warehouse for more than 3 days whilst waiting to be cleared through customs.

£5 per day storage charge

More info
If we contact, you or your receiver requesting additional information in order to clear your goods and you do not respond within three days a storage charge will be applied.

Customs Cleareance Surcharges

When shipping internationally outside of the EU your package will be subject to customs clearance. Most airfreight shipments will also have duty and tax applied by customs in the destination country, which is normally payable by the receiver.

provides some additional clearance options over and above our standard service.

Customs clearance brokerage desk

Duty & Tax Advance

Rather than apply any tax and duty charges to the recipients can pay those charges on your behalf.

£15 minimum charge or 2.5% of the advanced amount whichever is the greater

More info
If you’re a business with the credit accounts, we can reverse duty and tax charges back to your account. For prepay accounts we require all fees and estimated tax charges to be paid in advance.

Apply for a credit facility with

Customs clearance brokerage desk

Handover to Broker

If your receiver wishes to nominate a broker to complete customs clearance on their behalf.

A £25 surcharge will be applied to the shipping costs

More info
includes all applicable surcharges at the point of quotation. Our prices include customs clearance and door-to-door delivery. However, if your recipient wishes to nominate their own broker to clear your shipment through customs an additional surcharge will apply.